Great Junk Removal is Techny, Illinois preferred option for professional, affordable junk removal from both residential and commercial properties.


Techny, Illinois was, for a very long time, a part of the fabric of Greater Chicago. In some ways, it still is. Yet, Techny today is a part of Northbrook. It was annexed in 1989, technically leaving Techny as nothing more than a fond memory. However, many people still think of it when they think of the area - especially those born and raised in Chicago prior to 1990. For all of us who fit that category, Techny will always be a part of Chicago, and Great Junk Removal will always be proud to serve the residents and businesses that call old Techny home.

We offer a full range of Techny junk removal services and do our best to see that everything we pick up is dropped off at the right place. So, if your items can be recycled, they will be, and if they can be donated, we'll do that too.

Great Junk Removal has an 88% recycling rate for the junk, debris, and trash removed from Techny properties over the last seven years, and we hope to get that number well over 90% this year - with your help. If you have junk, debris, or trash cluttering up your home or property, if you're a property manager with leasing leftovers, or a construction company with a work-site full of debris, give the experts at Great Junk Removal a call at (773) 628-7055.

We can give a rough estimate over the phone (an even better one if you email images of your work site) or come to you in Techny for a free, no-obligation quote. What are you waiting for? Call the professionals at Great Junk Removal today and free yourself from the clutter that's keeping you down.