Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Great Junk Removal?First and foremost we are a family owned and operated Chicago original. Great Junk Removal is a fully licensed and insured professional junk removal service located in Northern Chicago providing the highest quality service in a prompt, courteous, and eco-friendly manner. We haul away junk, trash, and debris as long as it can be lifted by a two-man crew, will fit inside our 24-yard truck, and is not chemical, biological, or hazardous in nature. All of the items we remove are taken to a certified recycling center, a reputable donation facility, or a sanitary landfill. Less than 12% of our overall haul - for all of our jobs combined - goes to a county landfill - a fact our entire team is proud of!
  • Why use Great Junk Removal?In a city the size of Chicago, you're bound to be able to find hundreds of companies that make claims about their fantastic service and exceptional rates. Unfortunately, you're also likely to find that a great many of those promises are just hot air and the prices you thought you were paying get artificially inflated by the time you get the bill. That's not what you get with Great Junk Removal. We stand behind all of our work and guarantee our customer's satisfaction. Our pricing is exactly what we quoted - every time with no exceptions. We deliver prompt and courteous service in a professional and responsible manner. Our commitment to the environment is second-to-none, and we'll put our recycle rate up against any company in the area any day of the week. We are so confident in what we can do we offer the most competitive rates in Chicagoland because we know the next time you have a need you'll come back to us. It's part of our philosophy of putting the customer and the environment first in everything we do, and you can depend on that dedication every time you call on us for junk removal services.
  • What junk, trash, and debris will you pick up and haul away?Our professional junk removal specialists come in two-man teams. This means that we will take away any debris that can be lifted into the truck by two men. This includes furniture, renovation debris, construction materials, yard waste, clothing, kitchen appliances, boxes, etc. One of our professional team members will be happy to clarify the items we will and will not remove in a phone conversation or by visiting the proposed worksite to visually inspect the items.
  • What items will Great Junk Removal not haul away?Our teams will not remove anything that may be hazardous, noxious, or toxic such as paint, asbestos, gasoline, chemicals, flammable and nonflammable liquids, etc. One of our professional team members will be happy to clarify the items we will and will not remove in a phone conversation or by visiting the proposed worksite to visually inspect the items.
  • Is there an additional charge for extremely heavy items?Great Junk Removal will add an additional charge for items requiring special tools or techniques to remove from your property. We will be happy to offer a quote of our price for this service after visually inspecting the item in question either in person or in detailed digital photographs sent via email or delivered, on appointment, to our office. As with all of the junk removal pricing offered by Great Junk Removal, this quote will be the price you pay and satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Can Great Junk Removal give an exact price before arrival?While Great Junk Removal can work magic in junk removal, we can't always give an exact price for our service without seeing what it is we'll be up against. We will happily give a rough estimate over the phone based off of verbal descriptions of your clutter, but for really precise estimates we need to visually inspect the debris in question. This is best accomplished by scheduling a time for one of our professional junk removal specialists to visit your site and visually inspect the materials to be removed, but we can work from detailed digital photographs of the area in question. The photographs must account for all of the items in question so as to give our team an idea of the challenges they will face. Our on-site estimates are free of charge with no obligation to you, so if you would like an exact price for junk removal services we recommend a visit by one of our specialists.
  • Can you come out the same day?Yes. Great Junk Removal understands the need for speed in junk removal, and while more lead time for your project is always preferable, we will gladly schedule your work for the day you need it as long as we have the available capacity to meet our prior obligations. We assure you that we will do everything within our power to accommodate your timetable.
  • Can you provide a donation receipt for tax purposes?Yes, we can! We provide donation receipts upon request. Our crew members are trained on what charities will and will not take. We also have relationships with the donation centers, giving us a better understanding on what they will take. Call us at (773) 628-7055 today for more details!
  • What forms of payment do you accept?Great Junk Removal is glad to accept cash, personal or company checks, and all major credit cards for our services. We hope one of our convenient payment options fits your needs.
  • Do you offer any specials or discounts?Great Junk Removal is pleased to offer our potential and existing customers discounts and specials whenever possible. We have a page on our site dedicated to all the current discounts and specials for junk removal, trash removal, and debris removal in Northern Chicago. You can visit the Specials Page here to see what incredible values are available!